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Your Choice of 2 Complete Kits
The New Consultant Kit has what you need to start your business right, including a huge supply of Close To My Heart products, all for only $99. Whether you love creativity, community, business, or all three, you are welcome here! Join us and discover all the wonderful rewards of being a Close To My Heart Independent Consultant.
  • Low quarterly minimums
  • 22% base commission on personal sales
  • Comprehensive training opportunities
  • Ongoing incentives
  • Check below for frequently asked questions about becoming a consultant.
Welcome to the Rising Hearts team!

Prospective Consultant FAQs

How much does it cost to get started?
         The current new consultant kit costs just $99 (plus tax and shipping) and includes an abundance of business and creative products worth a bit more than $300. The application process is simple and you can find it on my website at www.Lindataylor.ctmh.com by clicking on the "What We Do" tab on the home page.

What is my commission?
         Your base commission on your personal sales is 22%. Additional commissions can be earned and are based on your monthly personal sales level. If you build a team of consultants, you are also eligible to earn commissions based on the sales generated by your team.

Is there a minimum sales requirement?
         Yes…the minimum sales requirement is just $300 in retail sales per calendar quarter (Jan.-March, Apr.-June, etc.)  Note that as a new consultant, you are responsible for the minimum sales quota beginning with your first FULL quarter. For example, if you become a consultant in March, the minimum is waived for the Jan.-March quarter, but you will be required to meet the minimum during the April-June calendar quarter.

What happens if I don’t meet my minimum sales quota?
         Consultants who do not meet the $300 minimum sales quota become former consultants and leave the company.

What if I am looking to work part-time as a consultant?
         There are CTMH consultants working at many different levels. You may want to have a workshop or two each month, do parties on a weekly basis, work forty hours a week, or anything in between. You can easily maintain your sales requirements to get the full 22% base commission and still build your business to meet your own goals.

What business tools are available from Close to My Heart?
         When you become a consultant with CTMH, you are automatically eligible for an Online Business Address (OBA) at no additional charge. This presence on the web is the place for customers to order product and/or apply to become a consultant. This OBA is available to all levels of consultants.
         In addition, if you choose to participate, a newsletter will be sent by corporate to your customers on your behalf each month. The newsletter is minimally customizable by you and, again, is available at no charge.
What business training is available?
         From Close to My Heart:         
Close to My Heart has some of the most comprehensive training tools available! As a new consultant, you will receive the weekly Start with Heart newsletter for the first 13 weeks. This email publication gives you suggested activities and step-by-step instructions to accomplish those goals.
In addition, CTMH has an extensive selection of online classes in business, creative, leadership, and personal development categories. You will enjoy being able to take these short classes to help you grow your business.
On the consultant side of the CTMH website, you will find updates, flyers, images, projects, and much more that is available for you to use. There is also a bulletin board community on the website on which you can share business and creative ideas.
         From Me:
I am always an email or phone call away to help answer your questions, give you tips and ideas, and coach you if desired. Each week, you will receive my Fabulous Friday email with a weekly business and/or creative idea along with other team information. Monthly newsletters keep you informed of team activities. The Rising Hearts team also has a team Facebook page on which you can share business and creative tips. We hold periodic team meetings plus an annual Stamp Camp and a team retreat!
Close to My Heart hosts an annual convention along with periodic regional events. All events feature the latest information and ideas along with business and creative training.

What if I live a distance from you?
                  I am always a phone call or email away and you will receive newsletters as mentioned above. In addition, our annual day-long training day, or Stamp Camp, is currently held in three different locations-NY, PA, and VA. I am also frequently working at crops in the PA/NJ area and can plan meetings accordingly.
Is there creative training available?
         Absolutely! My meetings and events always feature creative projects and the CTMH online training includes a variety of creative classes. One of the bulletin boards on the consultant website is reserved for artwork ideas and another features patterns and templates shared by fellow consultants.

What kind of incentives does CTMH offer?
         Straight to the Top:
As a new consultant, you can take advantage of the Straight to the Top opportunity. If you reach $1200 in commissionable sales (sales are denoted as retail sales) in your first three months as a Consultant, your Consultant Kit (minus shipping & handling) will be refunded to you and given to you on your commissions.
         Constant Campaigns:
Each month, Close to My Heart offers a campaign that may focus on sales, recruiting, or perhaps a special offer for your customers or hostesses. Each campaign is designed to help you grow your business in one of these areas.
         Stamp of the Month:
The Stamp of the Month campaign has long been a popular and ongoing sales tool for every consultant. Each month CTMH has an exclusive stamp set that can be purchased outright or can be purchased for just $5.00 when a customer places a qualifying $50 order.

         Cruise/Trip Opportunity:
If you are a business builder then you may want to jump in and set your sights on earning a cruise/trip with Close to My Heart. It is truly an experience to be able to say that you earned a vacation for doing what you love with CTMH!